Making a Will ensures certainty as to how your assets and belongings will be dealt with on your death and will ensure that those you wish to benefit will do so.

Even if you have made a Will already the birth of grandchildren or the death of existing beneficiaries in your Will may signal that you should consider updating the Will. We can assist you with this either by the making of a Codicil or a new Will.

The financial needs of your children or other relatives may not be all the same or you may have concerns as to how responsible a particular beneficiary is going to be with an inheritance. Accordingly a Discretionary Trust set up in the Will may be a sensible idea to consider.

You may also be concerned that your estate will be liable to Inheritance Tax when you die, or the estate of your spouse will be if they die after you; we can discuss this aspect with you .

Making a Will need not be expensive and please 'phone or email to discuss what the cost may be. 

Please also see our Wills section.