Access to Neighbouring Land

When you are performing repair work to your property, you may find that you need access to your neighbour’s land to be able to carry this work out. 

Sometimes a right to access your neighbours' land is contained within the title deeds to your property. Landowners do not have any common law right to enter onto a neighbours land to carry out repairs, so what your title deeds say could be important.

If no rights exist, you may be able to rely on the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 to gain the access you require. This Act was passed so that you can gain access to neighbours' land, although certain conditions apply.

The Act sets out the procedure for agreeing access with your neighbour. This can include agreeing set times during which works will be carried out, or payment for inconvenience caused.

If for some reason you are not able to reach an agreement there is provision in the Act for the matter to be settled by the courts.

We can assist in advising you on whether you have such a right to access your neighbours' land.