Conveyancing Quality Scheme Accreditation

Conveyancing is the legal and administrative work needed so that ownership of a property is transferred from the present owner to a new owner.

The Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme is the recognized quality mark for legal experts in the selling and buying of property and is trusted by some of the UK’s biggest lenders; some lenders will not permit a law firm to undertake mortgage work for them in connection with the Conveyancing process unless the firm has been accredited with CQS.

All CQS law firms have to go through a rigorous examination and testing to demonstrate that they have a high level of knowledge, skill and experience and practice. Renewal of the accreditation is on an annual basis and there is a requirement that those undertaking Conveyancing work in a law firm undergo annual assessment in certain aspects of property and conveyancing law.

There are approximately 11,000 law firms in England and Wales and only 2,000 approximately of these have this accreditation. Bowens has been accredited since 2011.