Issues for the Older Client

There are a number of legal issues particularly relevant as we or family members approach ‘old age’. Some of these are listed in the links further down this page:

Our ability to manage our own money and affairs sometimes decreases as we grow older, perhaps caused by illness, disability or an accident.

In many cases difficulties and delays can be avoided and costs saved through making arrangements at an early stage for your affairs to be dealt with and to make your wishes for the future known. This may involve preparing a Will, choosing someone to take power of attorney over your financial affairs, making a Living Will or making gifts now of money or property.

Taking steps now will also lighten the burden on relatives or carers who might otherwise find it difficult to make decisions on your behalf.

If, however, there is not enough time to make arrangements or a person has already become incapacitated and unable to handle their own financial affairs then the Court of Protection may need to become involved and we can deal with this aspect.

Please contact us to discuss any concerns you may have and below are a number of areas where we can help you or members of your family: -