The boundaries of your land might not be straightforward. We can assist with many types of boundary issues and related property rights.

The term "boundary" means nothing more than the dividing line (which may or may not be visible) between one legal title to a property and another and has no special meaning in law. There is however an important distinction between the "legal" boundary and the "physical" boundary and it is often the failure to recognise this distinction that creates a problem and possibly a dispute  between property owners on each side of the "boundary". In other words the physical boundary, being a fence, hedge or wall, may or may not be the same as the legal boundary.

The issue of where the legal boundary lies often becomes important in the context of one property owner wishing to extend their house in some way or when replacing fences along the boundary or dealing with trees growing in the vicinity of the boundary. 

Determining the location of or responsibility for a boundary may be apparent from your title deeds but often it is not and other legal principles and rules then have to be considered to determine where the legal boundary lies. Resolution of the difficulty may involve the transfer of ownership of a small piece of land between the property owners concerned. Unfortunately sometimes resolution of the dispute is necessary by litigation through the courts (and in certain circumstances by the Land Registry) - a course of action that should if at all possible be avoided on account of the distress, time, and legal costs that will be incurred by the parties involved.

We can help you with boundary issues.