Rights of Way

Rights of way over land can take many forms – they can be ‘public’ or ‘private’, they can be expressly provided for in deeds and other legal documents, or ‘prescribed’ meaning they are acquired by virtue of long use.

We can assist in advising where:-

  • you believe you have a right of way over someone else's land
  • a property owner is interfering with your right of way over their land
  • you are concerned about someone claiming a right of way over your land
  • someone is using a right of way for a purpose not originally authorised

Sometimes a right of way may need varying because a property owner wishes to extend their property over the right of way. Agreement from those entitled to the benefit of the right of way is usually necessary to the varying of the route . We can see to the legal documentation that will be necessary to ensure that the new varied route is properly set out and recorded at the Land Registry